1. Is online schooling the right choice for me?

– Exactly! Online learning may give students a choice about when and where to study, but this flexibility should not be confused with being easy or fast. Learning is a process and it takes time. By studying online, you might be able to eliminate commute time and the dreaded hunt for parking on campus, but you still have to put in the time and effort to learn.

Students with good study habits and time management skills tend to perform better online than students who procrastinate. It’s easy to put off schoolwork when there isn’t a specific class meeting time, and students who regularly choose to put other activities first may find themselves quickly falling behind in an online course. Also, some students are overly optimistic about time and energy, imagining that they’ll come home from work, put on their pajamas, and start to study. However, the reality may be that once they get home from work and put on their pajamas they’re too tired to study.

I’ve also watched a lot of students excel in online courses, fully taking advantage of the convenience and flexibility. The keys to their success seem to be setting aside regular work time, keeping track of due dates, and starting to work on assignments early. Another key is communicating with the instructor whenever they have a problem or question.

2. What things do I need to study in online classes?

– You are going to take online classes, and it means you do not have to have a lot of equipment. The only thing you need to have is your gadget, like a smartphone, tablet, or PC. In addition, we advise you to have a good internet connection.

3. Will any help be available while taking online courses, or am I on my own?

– As expected, one of the first concerns that potential online learners worry about is the fact that as you are at home completing your coursework requirements, you will not have sufficient access to help, if needed.

– What will you do if you are stumped and don’t know where to turn next?

– Who can help you understand what you’re missing?

– Is there anyone available for help so you can complete your lesson on time?

All of these are legitimate concerns and might discourage you from trying online programs. Typically, our school realizes the importance of gaining assistance when you need it and has a support system in place for you when you have a question or concern about an assignment.

First, please realize that the same quality of education that you would expect from a traditional classroom also applies to the online learning format, therefore, often the same faculty and professors are teaching both types of classes. As online learning has become an accessible and convenient way to expand your horizons, the need for assistance also spans a 24-hour, seven days a week timeline. As asking your instructor a direct question may be your preferred way of getting help, it may not be the most realistic, especially if they are amid teaching a class in your time of need.

4. Do online courses cost more or less?

– The courses we offer are convenient for students in every way, and this is reflected in the prices. In pricing, we took into account labor, time, and other resources used to create content. We have tried to set minimum prices for such quality content.

5. Is financial aid available if I choose an online school?

– Yes, it is. We respect the effort and enthusiasm of students who has a real wish to learn medicine. They can get financial aid if they really need it. Before giving this opportunity the student should contact us. After that, we will check the condition of the student and if it fulfills the requirements we can give them the chance to study for free.

6. Can I start a course at any date/time?

– Yes, you can start the course any time you want. But if you want to study with our discussion team, you are required to join a discussion group on a certain date and with additional payment. Your start time may depend on several factors. So, don’t hesitate any longer, sign up today to get the classes you want.

7. Can I study at my own pace?

Yes, but you should complete the course before the deadline.